środa, 30 listopada 2011

tales of girls, boys & marsupials//

The Wombats can always make me smile. So they did last Monday. I barely could concentrate on shooting while watching TORD, Murph and llama Dan on stage. All I wanted to do was to dance and to hug them all one by one. Besides how the fuck could I concentrate when the second song was Kill The Director? How could I while seeing their happy faces? How could I while singing out loud? God how I love this band!

Here is a message to Tord: Jeg elskar deg! Jeg er ikke gift! and also Jeg snakker ikke Norsk...

i'm not sure//

Crushing into Renton is always a nice surprise. I did not have a foggiest idea who is a supporting act for The Wombats and I was in kind of 'I don't care mood'. So I was chatting with some random girl, smoking when they got on stage. Imagine my face when I've overheard the familiar chords. If you noticed a girl with a analogue camera running crazy through the club, oh well that was me (with 'Hey Girl' playing in my head) . But I've made it.

It was good to see you lads.

poniedziałek, 21 listopada 2011

bow down to the queens//

When Paulake told me this gig has also been sold out, my answer was 'We'll get there. I don't know how, but we will'. I have never been more determined. I was searching for a way to get there for over two months and when the day has come we both were on a guest list of Queens Of The fucking Stone Age.

I' ve promised to a lovely person who got us there, not to tell how and who have made it happened and I'm about to keep this promise. If you read this - thank you. Both Paulake and I are grateful and we feel very lucky that you gave us chance to be there that night. Maybe for you it is nothing but for us - unforgettable.