środa, 6 marca 2013

he is a hurricane //

a cold winter night a few months ago. i was sitting bored, watching some random videos on youtube. emotionless, until i heard this: 

a few views later i was singing along. a few days later i bought 'sunken ships' and the record is on my ipod ever since. a few months later i took my camera and went to berlin. i had to see this lovely young wizard live. the lights turned off, the steam covered the stage and the first thing that i saw was a pair of glowing creepers, than the owner of these peculiar footwear - asbjørn. 

at first when the sound hit my ears i didn't know what should i do. i hardly remembered i was supposed to take photos in here. i stood there hypnotized by the way asbjørn dances around like no one was watching while singing his songs flawless. never before have i seen someone who is preforming this way. honest, straight from a young man's heart. 

guess i wasn't the only one who caught the vibe. the german audience (which i consider to be a very tough one) got carried away as well. some of them even too far and thought it would be cool to sit on the stage during the show. asbjørn coped with that with a simple, classy 'hello to the lady'. well, no surprise. no attention seekers can dim the true talent on stage and i think (and hope) asbjørn know about this well.

i usually don't write in here, but damn i am impressed. all of the songs sounded perfect. she is a hurricane, bones, the criminal, hunger, ears, the new song - pure perfection. and how does he manage to sing and dance like that at the same time. i am looking forward for a new material and a next show. maybe poland this time, huh? 


congratulation, asbjørn. you are a hurricane. //

all the photos by margee wanda metz
from asbjørn's show in berlin //